Declaration of support to the citizen initiative TTIP GAME OVER

We, civil society organisations – active in a broad range of domains such as environment, social justice, development cooperation, nutrition, the fight against austerity and debt, gender equality, non-violence, as well as climate justice – hereby express our political support to the citizens’ initiative TTIP GAME OVER.

TTIP GAME OVER is a call for direct, non-violent actions and acts of civil disobedience (please refer to the action consensus). Its goal: to stop all free trade negotiations, particularly the TTIP talks (TTIP = Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). To us, this call is legitimate, necessary and of utmost relevance.

Legitimate, as the TTIP negotiations and other free trade agreements are thoroughly undemocratic. They take place behind closed doors and with little transparency for civil society. In addition, European citizens voted massively against the project by via one of the biggest European petitions ever seen (more than 3 million signatures). And more than 1,500 European cities, communities and regions have already showed their disagreement and demanded to stop the negotiations or announced that they would not sign the agreement.

Necessary, because on the one hand, the supporters of the deal (the European Commission, national governments, multinationals, lobbyists…) are using their enormous resources to skew the democratic debate. Faced with this biased debate, civil society and social movements are obliged to further develop their tools for action, hoping to make public interest prevail. The TTIP – like other free trade deals – poses an immediate threat to our social rights, democracy, the climate and the environment. Such a transversal threat makes it more important than ever for social movements and organisations to reach beyond traditional partnerships.

Relevant, because history has showed us that most of our social rights would not have been won without a massive mobilisation that went way beyond the actions of organized civil society. We consider the methods used by citizens within the framework of TTIP GAME OVER as complementary to the methods used by our organizations. Our challenge now is to ensure that our work of advocacy, campaigning and awareness raising is coherent with the non-violent acts of civil disobedience that will be led by citizens. This declaration of support is the a first step in a longer and broader process.

Would your organisation also like to support TTIP Game Over? Please send an e-mail to ttipgameover [at]

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