During the week of 11th to 15th of July we will meet in the streets of Brussels for a week of
mobilisation and non-violent action!


Having already witnessed multiple attempts by civil society to stop the TTIP negotiations, we feel
that it is warranted and necessary to take this fight further and move from classic demonstrations to acts of civil disobedience.

As European and US negotiators are meeting in secret to discuss TTIP, ignoring civil society, it is
important to show that we are determined to mobilise, resist and remain committed until we achieve a complete stop to the negotiations.

To create a fair and sustainable future, our movement against free trade needs to grow, strengthen itself and multiply.

We are here to stop the TTIP negotiations and other free trade agreements.

We will act with calmness and determination, in a spirit of constructiveness and resistance.

We are part of a wide range of diverse organizations and groups. Everyone who is interested in
joining the actions is invited to do so, even if (s)he has never taken part in an action like this before.

Our actions will reflect our diversity, creativity and open-mindedness. Our diversity is also our

We all commit to respect this action consensus, which is how we will nourish our diversity with the aim of strengthening our movement.

We are here for the long-term, we are the solution: we are mobilising in order to build a liveable,
sustainable and fair future.

We will only use non-violent methods and techniques to show our determination, and we won’t
engage in escalation. We will behave in a calm and thoughtful way.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of everyone involved in our actions and will not put
anyone in danger.

We want to create a faire and sustainable future: we will resist any attempt to misinterpret our
mobilisation for nationalist, reactionary or violent purposes.

Our movement is built on decades of resistance and mobilisation for social and climate justice and expresses solidarity with various civil society groups who are resisting the destructive consequences of our capitalist system.

We support the fight against all forms of oppression and injustice. We will strive to oppose social, gender and racial discrimination. We are conscious that we are, ourselves, are also influenced by them. We shall do everything we can to ensure that the models we are opposing are not reproduced through our actions themselves, nor within our organisation.